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The Roaring 20's: Unity and Division​

Organizing Question
To what extent was the Roaring 20's was a decade of social harmony and economic prosperity?

The 1920's in America were a period of extraordinary change and innovation. Some Americans embraced change while others retaliated against an attack on their traditional values. A disillusioned America turned away from idealism after WWI and toward social conservatism, a new mass economy, and exciting new forms of popular culture that undermined many traditional values.

Your task: In small groups create wiki-pages that showcase either unifying and disunifying factors in the 1920's. As a culminating activity, write an essay synthesizing the organizing question.

Your Task:
In small groups, construct a Wiki-Page that:
a. gives a thesis explaining how your topic is a dividing or unifying element of the 1920's
b. provides an effective overview of the issue
c. provides several examples and extension of your topic
d. shows a clear connection to TODAY

I encourage you to embed videos, narration and other bells and whistles to make the page more inviting.

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